Pork Chops - Irvings

Pork chops, when available we carry Irving Farms chops.  

Cumberland Sausage - Irvings

This is our version of this traditional recipe - a mild sausage with plenty of flavour. The fusion of lean pork shoulder, black pepper, nutmeg, mace, allspice and just a hint of onion results in a tantalisingly tasty sausage. This is by far our best seller!! They are great eaten any way you like, and will appeal to all ages.

All Beef Sausage

All beef boerewors is made with the same blend of spices as our regular wors.  On request we can also make breakfast all beef sausages, or blend it with one of our flavors (curry, peri-peri or garlic). 

Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast boerewors is always available and on request we can also make all beef breakfast (with no pork added). 


Our Boerewors is made with our signature blend of spices and cut from AAA beef.  
​Available fresh in store is:

Regular boerewors, Curry boerewors, Peri-Peri boerewors and Garlic boerewors.



Our biltong is cut from AAA beef and marinated with our own recipe of freshly ground spices.  Since everyone has a preference of how they like their biltong, you can choose it wetter, medium or dry, with fat or without.


Oxtail is cut and packed fresh in store. 


A delicacy for special occasions.  We might not always have beef tongue in stock, but with a special order it is always available.

Chili Bites

If you like it spicy, then this is for you.  We cut the chili bites from AAA beef. Marinate it with our special blend of spices and rack dry it until perfection. 


The meat we use for our droëwors is cut from AAA beef and then blended with our signature recipe of freshly ground spices. 

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