Your "home" away from "home"
Betsy's South African Deli

Niel, Rozanne and Nizanne Lourens arrived in Canada between 2006 and 2010.  

Nizanne started working at Betsy's in 2012 and fell in love with Betsy's immediately.  In 2014 we had the opportunity to take over the business from Yvonne and Andrew Lennox, and we did not think very long about it.

One of our promises was to keep all the secret original recipes as is, as was created by Tannie Betsy the original owner, and that we have done till today.

We believe we are still the number one shop in Edmonton for South Africans, and all our friends from the rest of Africa (as well as a growing number of Canadians!), to find their biltong, droewors, chilli bites, boerewors, melk tert, mielie meel, and many other products we just cannot get a substitute for here in Canada.

We hope to serve you for many years to come and please feel free to make any suggestions or requests for us to improve our service.

Niel, Rozanne and Nizanne